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San Diego Futsal Summer Camps - Xk San Diego Soccer News
Monday, 19 July 2010 16:53
futsalwireXk San Diego Soccer NewsFounded in 2005, San Diego Futsal offers a clinics and camps. Founder and owner of San Diego Futsal, Mario Mrakovic has offered summer camps in San Diego ...


Monday, July 19, 2010 4:48 pm ? Youth Soccer Spotlight: San Diego Futsal Summer Camps Coach Mario Mrakovic Founded in 2005, San Diego Futsal offers clinics and camps.??Founder and owner of San Diego Futsal, Mario Mrakovic?has offered summer camps in San Diego for years.?? asked some questions about what is so different about these camps and what is new this year.

Here is what Mario Mrakovic told SN: ? SN: San Diego Futsal offers summer soccer camps, but so do a lot of other coaches and companies.?What makes your camp different?? ? Mario Mrakovic: “All of our summer camps are designed to drastically improve each camper’s technical abilities in a short, one-week camp.?My goal is to help make each and every camper a better soccer player, and to increase each child’s passion and love of soccer.” ? The San Diego Futsal camps are offered every summer for children 6 – 14 at various locations around San Diego.? ? Mrakovic:?“We don’t try to compete with traditional competitive club camps and their methods, but instead we offer a personal, individualized approach and coach each participant to help improve their abilities.”? San Diego Futsal camps provide skill development, intense footwork training and scrimmages.?The campers are grouped by skill and age levels and the coaches are very hands on, providing a very personalized level of attention and training.

According to Mrakovic, “Using cutting edge training, San Diego Futsal provides guidance throughout each day targeting specific skill developments and individual improvement,” says Mrakovic.? “The most important thing is that the kids are having are having a blast.?The campers love the exercises and games that they do while they are constantly being challenged to reach new heights.” ?? Now?Mrakovic?gets a bit more technical and explains that, “For example our training includes: emphasis of both feet, diving headers, outside foot, toe poke, bicycle kick, spins, heel passes, karate kicks, volleys, drop-kicks, etc.?I have always been a strong believer in power of method of ‘skills confusion', the program that challenges your body to respond to varieties of soccer technical requirements and not being afraid to be mixing it up.” San Diego Futsal programs offer fast paced and fun filled skill development for soccer players 6 - 14 years of age ? “Too many players reach a plateau, and their learning curve flattens so fast that the kid stagnates to the point of not having fun in soccer anymore.

This is one of the reasons why so many (too many) kids quit soccer.

Or how the story goes about an athletic kid who peaked in soccer at age 7, only to quit because of poor technical acumens, and went on to play tennis instead…” ? Coach Steveo Leacock SN: What is new this year? Mrakovic: This year, San Diego Futsal invited Coach Steveo Leacock to join as a director for the summer program.?“Coach Leacock has been instrumental in helping me build Surf Grassroots Program from the scratch.

He truly cares about the kids and is not “lazy” when it comes to investing time, patience and effort.

He is a hard worker with a vast experience and a winning style.” According to Mrakovic, “Coach Leacock is more to the tactical side of training, where I am forever technical, so when our styles are combined, it works to perfection.” ? “Also, kids love Steveo.

He knows ways how to instill passion and love for the game into the kids.

They are always laughing, cracking jokes, playful around him.” ? SN: Are you involved with the campers or do you manage the program? ? Mrakovic:?“I am there, everyday, playing soccer, training the campers and inspiring them to reach new heights and strive to improve their skills.?I am not one of those coaches who stay on the sidelines with their papers and hire kids to coach their campers.?I love what I do and really like working with young soccer players.” ? SN: How many kids attend the camps?? ? Mrakovic: “We would usually have anywhere between 30-60 kids each summer with several kids attending more than one session.

?Coach Leacock and I have worked out a program where we complement one another.?With so many years coaching soccer players, we really understand the big picture and know what we want to accomplish with our soccer players during the summer.

? San Diego Futsal programs for boys and girls are available throughout San Diego ? All Photo Credit: Barefoot Memories ? SN:?You often say you receive lots of compliments on your programs.?Can you share any comments from campers or parents??What do parents say; whose children have attended your camps? ? Mrakovic:?“Testimonials??Compliments??I am very fortunate to have tons!?Here are a few for your readers to enjoy.” ? Encinitas Spring Break Camp 2010 Good camp! I liked the training and the games.

This camp is the best because here we have more fun and you learn more stuff.

?Lorena, age 7 Great camp! A lot of scrimmages.

Lots of goals all the time, it let me dribble and helped me learn how to be better player.

?Kyle, age 8 It was fun! I learned a LOT, made friends.

Coach Mario's camp taught me ball control and a lot of moves.

Here it was always about individual improvement and progress every day.

I loved it! Natasha, age 12 I liked games at this camp.

It is more fun than others because of good and fun warm-ups and having a lot of scrimmages.

Jasmine, age 9 FUN! I liked the games and scrimmages and we played a lot compared to some other camps where we don't get to play so much, but just train.

Here it's much better, fun, more games and then you go home.

You learn more tricks, better moves! Nicolas, age 11 A great camp! The best! It is because its fun and you get to dribble a lot, you learn tricks.

Futsal is much faster than soccer, in soccer you don't get to learn to be so fast like in Futsal.

Blaize, 10 It's a great camp! It's fun! I learned a lot! Futsal helps me pass better, improve footwork and my dribble around players.

It helped me with my running technique and speed of play.

I got the right technique to shoot and score with proper range of shots.

Futsal is much more difficult to learn and play than soccer, but it pays off as you have fun - learn as you play! Andreas, age 10 It's FUN! I learned new things, met new people.

This camp is super fast, has more skills than soccer camps.

Sarah, age 12 I liked it a lot! The best camp I have ever been to.

Here I get to play more.

I learn more; try something new, different moves.

Tejas, age 7 Really good camp! We played a lot of fun games.

I also liked a chance to be a goalie too.

Angelina, age 8 It was good! We played fun games and we got to watch a soccer movie.

We learned new moves.

We got to train hard and fast, and we played a lot of fun scrimmages.

Emily, age 9 Awesome camp! You can do fun games, play, anything...

Here I made a lot of good friends.

This camp made me strong, made me learn more about technique like defending, shielding, AND dribbling and shooting - you have to LOCK it!!! Raymond, age 7 I learned a lot of skills.

With all these games I became a better player.

We did different good activities, plus scrimmages.

Kristen, 8 Really good camp, I liked it.

I learned a lot of moves, how to defend the ball.

At camp you run faster and quicker, smaller and no-bouncing ball makes you dribble faster too.

Karly, age 8 FUN! Jorge, age 8 ? Hi Mario! We have had some great results from your Futsal clinics.

Madison really seems to focus and understand what you are telling her.

The other parents on our team are all very impressed with her play.

Not to mention she loves playing with you! See you Sunday at Futsal! Amber, Vista Encinitas Spring Break camp testimonials, 2009 ? My son loved this, and he learned skills that he wasn’t learning in his soccer.

? My daughter enjoyed this program a lot! ? Great program.

Convenient location, great facility, good parking.

Coach was excellent and very informative.

My son learned an enormous amount.

His skills visibly increased.

Great camp program! ? Great Futsal program.

Very exciting for the children.

? Futsal is an excellent program.

Facility is great.

? Coach Mario is a great coach & leader for the kids.

? Excellent program.?The kids had so much fun, came home exhausted and loving soccer.

? Mario is always great J my daughter would love to do more Futsal.

? Excellent camp – we’ll come back.

? This soccer camp was great.

Both my kids loved it, and will do the Futsal clinics in the summer.

They liked the coach, Mario.

? Good balanced camp! Program was excellent.

The coach was very nice, but firm when needed.

My son really liked the coaches.

Summer Camp Program Details: All camps are running Monday-Friday, 9am-2pm and offered to boys and girls all skill levels ages 6-14.

All campers receive a ball and a shirt.

?All information available at:?,? This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call 858.337.9754.