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Futsal Champion of Champions - Bellingen Courier Sun
Monday, 06 September 2010 17:17
futsalwireBellingen Courier SunThe Northern NSW futsal championships brings together the best two teams from each of the area trials from earlier in the year. The area covers from Port ...


 The Northern NSW futsal championships brings together the best two teams from each of the area trials from earlier in the year.

The area covers from Port Macquarie in the south to the border and west to Armidale.

The championships were held over two weeks to cater for all the teams and divisions and all the BHS girls teams had qualified so we were represented in all three age divisions.The 14 years girls team lead by Jemara Imrie were inexperienced to start with but improved with every game.

They had to play some games against 16 years teams as there were not as many 14 years teams.

Their best results here were against Maclean HS (16), which they drew 0-0 and BDC (16) where they went down in a close encounter 2-3.

Against the 14 years teams the results were much stronger defeating St Columba 4-0 and drawing with Westport 1-1.

These results put them into the final against Westport, which was sure to be a close encounter.

The final whistle blew and the score was 2-2 despite the girls dominating throughout.

The game went into sudden death extra time, which deservedly saw Sam Barker make no mistake and the game was won.

Throughout the day goals went to Jess Marks 1, Jemara Imrie 3, Bianca Mason 1 and Sam Barker 5.

The next games for these girls is this Thursday against Coffs Harbour HS and Orara HS.The 16 years team are a very talented team who as 14 year olds won the North Coast CHS Competition defeating Ballina HS 5-0 in the final.

Most of the girls were also in the team that were runners-up at the Australian Futsal Championships last year in the 16 years team.

They started strongly against Maclean HS playing a great passing game to win 6-4 (Maggie Mills 1, Jess Marks 1, Meg Roberts 1 and Kanisha Phillips-Cooke 3).

This, however, proved to be their hardest game going through the preliminary games undefeated amassing 47 goals for (Kanisha Phillips-Cooke 19, Maggie Mills 7, Meg Roberts 9, Jess Marks 4, Danika Blackburn 4, Malynda Post 4) and 11 against.

In the semi final the girls came up against Westport and smashed them 7-0 (Meg Roberts 2, Maggie Mills 2 and Kanisha Phillips-Cooke 3).

The final brought the girls up against Maclean HS, however, this time running on tired legs and not having a hard game since the first game Maclean turned the tables and the girls went down 6-3 (Kanisha Phillips-Cooke 1, Maggie Mills 2).

It was the first game where this team lost their passing game and resorted to pot shots.

However, despite not getting the gold medal they deserved the girls still qualify to go to the Australian Championships at the Gold Coast in October as the top two teams automatically qualify.

There will be an opportunity hopefully, to take out revenge on Maclean HS.The 19 years girls had a tough draw to qualify for the Australian Championships as all the teams were quality teams.

Their first game was against CCS who had defeated this team in the area final.

It was therefore very pleasing to start the day with a solid win 4-2 (Kanisha Phillips-Cooke 2, Maggie Mills 1, Ruby Campbell 1).

Immediately after this they followed up with another solid effort defeating Westport 4-2 (Kanisha Phillips-Cooke 2, Maggie Mills 1and Jemara Imrie 1).

The third game against Duval HS proved another tough encounter with the passing game dominating 6-3 (Kanisha Phillips-Cooke 3, Maggie Mills 2, Jemma Boswell 1).

The final preliminary game was against Wauchope HS who had knocked us out of the CHS Football Knockout competition in round 4, so it was particularly nice when the girls defeated them 7-1 (Kanisha Phillips-Cooke 4, Ruby Campbell 1, Sam Snow 1and Jemara Imrie 1).

The girls then qualified for the major semi-final which if they won meant, they too would be going to the Australian Championships.

They started on fire and by half time were up 4-0.

A very happy and confident coach then put on some other combinations to see how they would work.

Not a good idea against a team like Westport who can score from anywhere on the court.

Very quickly Westport got back in the game and despite stabilising the team Westport were now full of confidence and continued to dominate.

The full time score 4-4.

Thankfully, in sudden death extra time Kanisha found the back of the net for the fifth time and we were in the grandfinal and heading to the Australian Championships.

Westport defeated Duval in the final and we had to play Westport for the third time in the day! This time despite a great effort, injuries took their toll and the girls lost 4-3(Kanisha Phillips-Cooke 3).

Again hopefully there will be an opportunity for revenge at the Gold Coast.Overall an outstanding result for all the girls.

BHS can be very proud of these young athletes.

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The High School Champion Under 14 Futsal Team.