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Brasil Futsal Grand Prix 2011
Sunday, 24 July 2011 09:47
futsalwireSchedule and Results for all the Brazil Grand Prix 2011 futsal games are here. Tournament will be played Oct 12-24 2011 


Brazilian Futsal Confederation confirmed as the headquarters of Manaos Gran Prix, the competition will be held from October 24 to 31, with disputes Polisportive Sports Arena Amadeu Teixeira, Dawn, Midwest and in the gym Manaus Main Sesi, San Jose, the East Side.

The capital of Amazonas ran against Uruguay and Rio de Janeiro and was chosen to present adequate structure for the competition, in addition to providing four sports complexes for the event. Two training and two more teams to carry out the matches.

Sixteen teams will participate in the championship. Of these, ten are placed in the first world ranking of the sport. The other six are invited by the Department of the FIFA Futsal.

According to the Municipal Secretary of Sports and Leisure, Fabricio Lima, the victory of the city came after a meeting with members of his team's FIFA Futsal Department and representatives of the Bank of Brazil and the Brazilian Futsal Championship on October 20 . "Presidents of the confederations in Spain and the Czech Republic also participated in this meeting in Goiânia, during the 2010 Grand Prix, held in Anapolis (GO). They were delighted to be able to come play here, "said the secretary.

Currently, the top ten in the world ranking are: Spain, Brazil, Italy, Russia, Iran, Portugal, Argentina, Ukraine, Paraguay and Serbia  

The event will be an achievement of the Brazilian Futsal, City of Manaus, the Amazonas State Government and SESI.

The following 16 teams, shown with final pre-tournament rankings.

AFC (2)
 Iran (4)

CAF (2)
 Angola (28)
 Mozambique (28)
 Zambia (low than 100)

 Costa Rica (24)
 Guatemala (30)
 United States (30)

 Argentina (7)
 Brazil (1)
 Paraguay (11)
 Uruguay (11)

UEFA (7)
 Belgium (3)
 Czech Republic (16)
 Hungary (3)
 Netherlands (20)
 Russia (4)