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Futsal World cup for clubs: Paraguay Champs
Sunday, 09 November 2008 23:19
FutsalwireThe AMF VII edition of the World Cup for clubs was a succes, and the team from Paraguay became the World Champion

Saturday ended the VII World futsal clubs organized by the MFA, in the complex Huergo, which left a casino with sub-championship, to the Paraguayans and celebrating a great level of spectacle, which originated praise and criticism, the latter more than anything from visiting delegations.

It also showed the great event that has the Futsal in Argentina, because in five of the six days, the complex was Huergo boy and many people could not enter the villages have been exhausted.

Casino disputed a very good first step, then it cost in the face semis Pirates of Colombia, but in the end and at a disadvantage, not desperate and wise in the prisons, while in the final having been overtaken by The Friends, the most strong and regular championship.

The coach was right in Schlebusch Miguel Anibal Nunez to retrieve and bring to marplatense Fabian Banegas, because both were the best of stock comodorense. He also excelled Daniel Almonacid, who provided the formula used increasingly in the archer-player.

The Paraguayans did not lose to anyone and are the righteous champions, with a style that may not like it so much, but extremely effective. Pirates of Colombia, with five players from national team and who were not in the North American, offered an attractive style and with gusts of John Jairo Pinilla, limited by his injury, but with huge samples of hierarchy, while the Venezuelans were any surrender and not desentonaron.

It was proved once again that Commodore can not give the right to shelter its people for an event of this nature because of a lack of structure. The Huergo was not enough, because it was outside the public and those who were admitted, many were not comfortable.

At the end of last weekend, the Venezuelan and Colombian complained about the appointments arbitration, but stressed the hospitality, comfort and attention that were part of the organizers and all comodorenses.

Casino left everything on the court but The Friends stayed with the grand prize.

At the end of the first time won 1-0, but a series of distractions in the second half, marked the fate of the party. The Paraguayans renewed their status as top world powers, having also topped a year ago level selections.

Casino Club of Comodoro Rivadavia lost the final last night's World Club Championship football hall of the fall in front of the Friends of Encarnación, Paraguay, by 4-2 in a match that was played during a complex Huergo grocer, but he stayed with the desire to see turn around the Argentine Olympic team. And previously in the match for third place, Pirates Crazy, Cucuta, Colombia, defeated 9-6 to Estudiantes of Zulia, Venezuela. With a background with several owners in the bank and went to play the final the team of Miguel Schlebusch. Leonardo was in the bow heads, while the outfield players were Nicolas Arjona, Juan Manjón, Rodrigo and Eduardo Cárcamo.

The joint Paraguayan started the match with Cristian Garcette in the arch, over Cesar Riveros, Abel Arámbulo, Dario Herrera and Juan Salas, one of the best players that took the contest. In the first half, Casino took the lead on the scoreboard with a goal by Nestor turned Endrinal. The pivot received an assistance of "Pele" Nuñez and billed for the encounter 1-0. Prior to that action game, there were several situations in which the goalkeeper had to intervene Leonardo Cabezas, who had enough work during the first stage. But on the other side, the goalkeeper Cristian Garcette also had to work hard enough to keep his arm is zero, including the auction of John Manjón and then the zapatazo of Mar del Plata Fabian Banegas. In the supplement, was another story. Of the hands of John Chambers and Rogelio Delgado, Paraguay began to set the twisting course and began to mute the complex Huergo. At 5 'Rogelio Delgado tied and 4' later turned the result, before the astonished gaze of the entire local. Casino was in search of a tie, but the 11 'the' Poly 'Manjón tried to clear a center and ended up getting in his own fence. From then on, all comodorense lacked aggressiveness and the visit was well behind closed near their good archer and the boys found him not Schlebusch of the round. In the final minutes Matias joined Rima and two of the final gave the ball to Facundo Contreras to write off the master, but little suspense lasted one minute because of pitazo end, the best player in the world, John Chambers, sealed the result and his team of champion dressed in Comodoro Rivadavia. The unease in the face of comodorenses was obvious, but it came close to achieving the glory. One thing can be certain and reassured. They did an excellent match that the team has in its ranks several figures of world champion team. William Estupinan was the scorer of torneoAl end of the final meeting between Casino Club Comodoro Rivadavia and Gomería The Friends of Paraguay, played last night in the compound of Huergo kilometer 3, was the presentation of prizes to the champions and runners-up as well as the scorer World Club Championship and the fences less mature.

The Colombian was the top scorer with seven so many Estupinan William, who yesterday in the encounter for third place scored three goals before the Venezuelans and many reached seven. For his part, Cristian Garcette was the best goalkeeper of the competition and took a souvenir card to have expired unless the fence. A similar endorsement received comodorenses Cabezas and Leonardo Daniel Almonacid.

The cup runner-up was given to players by Pedro Bonettini Casino (President of the Confederation Argentina Football Hall and Secretary General of the AMF), while the biggest trophy he gave the mayor of Comodoro Rivadavia, the captain Martin Buzzi Cristian Garcette.


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